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This cable could stop you damaging your iPhone or iPad


Hardware 2.0 readers seem to love the 20-pin USB-C magnetic breakaway connectors. But what about iPhone and iPad users? Are they left out?

No. There is a solution out there that brings a breakaway connector to the iPhone and iPads.

Australian company Volta has you covered with the Volta 2.0. The cable is available in a variety of lengths, from 0.25m to 2m, and comes with a magnetic end with interchangeable tips for Lightning, microUSB, and USB-C.

Volta 2.0 magnetic breakaway cable

Volta 2.0 magnetic breakaway cable

The microUSB tip means that those with older devices can also make use of breakaway.

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The Volta 2.0 cables are braided in nylon — available in black, blue, silver, and red — and are designed to be snag-free thanks to the shoulders built into the ends. The cable has an all-round nice, premium feel.

I’ve tested the Volta 2.0 cable, and it works well. The interchangeable tips are well made and fit well, and the N-52 grade neodymium magnet is the right balance between being strong enough to hold the tip in place in use, and weak enough to give way when it needs to, preventing you from damaging your device or dragging it to the ground.

But there’s one drawback.

The cable is only available in USB-A, so fast-charging for the iPhone using USB-C is not available. This is a shame, because Volta make a USB-C cable with a breakaway tip, but as yet does not have a Lightning tip for it.

Other than not supporting fast charging, the Volta 2.0 is a great cable. And with prices starting at $18 (you get one cable and two tips of your choice), you’re not paying much of a premium for the breakaway connector. Volta also makes a Volta 2.0 with a right-angle end too.

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