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Sprint and T-Mobile restore merger talks


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Sprint and T-Mobile are back to talks about a merger that would combine the nation’s third and fourth largest mobile carriers, according to The Wall Street Journal. The discussions are said to be preliminary.


Could the Sprint-T-Mobile merger be back on? (James Martin/CNET)

The carriers’ latest talks come after walking away from preliminary discussions five months ago. Sprint-parent SoftBank bought more Sprint shares further exerting its control, instead of merging the companies. T-Mobile executives have openly stayed hopeful about a future merger.

Reports indicated that T-Mobile and Sprint hit turbulence during 2017 merger talks, but then T-Mobile sweetened the pot a bit with parent company Deutsche Telekom. However, a deal never materialized — mainly because of control.

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There’s no details about preliminary discussion specifics. We have reached out to Sprint and T-Mobile, and will update you if we learn more.

Following the report, Sprint shares are up more than 6 percent. T-Mobile shares are up more than 5 percent.

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