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Minecraft: Education Edition comes to Chromebooks

Microsoft today announced that Minecraft: Education Edition is now available on Chromebooks.

Now, if you were hoping that this means that the standard Minecraft game is now available on Chromebooks, too, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you. The Education Edition not only requires a Microsoft 365 for Education (A3 or A5) license, it’s also meant to more of an educational tool than a game, with lessons that focus on math, science, language arts, history and visual arts.

The company says that it is partnering with the Google Education team to welcome educations on Chromebooks to Minecraft.

The Chromebook version will offer the same set of features as Minecraft: Education Edition on Windows, Mac and iOS, including cross-platform multiplayer support. For now, students will need a Microsoft account to log in, though the company says support for logging in with Google accounts is coming “in the near future.”


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“Minecraft: Education Edition is a game-based learning platform that helps build key 21st century skills like coding and creative problem solving,” Microsoft explains in today’s announcement. “Hundreds of free standards-aligned lessons, design challenges, and STEM curriculum are available in-game and online, along with flexible templates for teachers to design their own learning activities. In a time when staying connected to the classroom is of extra importance, Minecraft supports collaboration and meaningful student-led learning.”

The Minecraft: Education Edition is now available in Google’s Play Store for users with the right licenses. Despite a clear warning that it takes an Office 365 Education account to log in, you’ll see plenty of one-star reviews from disappointed players who think it’s the regular Minecraft. With the right Chromebook, though, these players could always play Minecraft for Android on Chrome OS, too.

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