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KT and Hyundai to deploy 5G networks into construction sites

KT and Hyundai to deploy 5G networks into construction sites
KT and Hyundai Engineering & Construction will collaborate to use 5G networks for automation in construction.

KT and Hyundai Engineering & Construction will work together to build 5G networks at construction sites and develop construction automation technology, the companies have announced.

The two will collaborate to develop autonomous construction robots, among other technologies, that use 5G to improve productivity and monitoring at construction sites.

KT and Hyundai will build 5G networks at the latter’s construction sites and commence trials of the 5G solutions on two sites sometime this year, they said.

After the proof-of-concept trial, they have plans to apply their technologies to more construction sites.

KT said its enterprise 5G technologies provide “ultra-fast data transmission speeds and ultra-low latency with top notch security”, touting that the technologies are perfect for transmitting large files such as 3D scanning data of construction sites.

The companies also said that the development of autonomous robots would allow Hyundai to perform work on sites even in areas where human access is difficult.

KT’s partnership with Hyundai follows a string of other projects the telco has worked on to push 5G connectivity in South Korea. Last week, KT announced it was working with Samsung to install 5G networks on the latter’s hospitals and co-develop smart hospital solutions while in June, the telco began the rollout of 5G networks at large and crowded buildings such as airports and train stations.

Separately, the South Korean telco is also collaborating with Hyundai Motor to develop a fleet management solution for electric buses.

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