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Google Tasks launches for Android and iOS: Basic list manager with potential for more



Google is a massive company and tends to take a shotgun approach to many of its products. Last week, we heard that it may finally create a product to compete with iMessage after launching Google Hangouts, Allo, Messages, Voice, and more.

Today, we heard about the launch of Google Tasks.

Google Tasks is a very basic list manager, but has the potential to work with Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Assistant, and more. While I primarily use Wunderlist as my task manager, I also use Google Keep for some quick to-dos.

I installed Google Tasks and found it has a clean, simple, basic interface with the ability to create various list categories and then have tasks under those lists. You can add details to the task and also assign it a date. Tasks can then be sorted as well.

There does not look to be a way to have a reminder set for that task or a specific time for completion, just a date. Priorities also are not yet present.

Android smartphone owners can download it now from the Google Play Store and iPhone users can visit the App Store to download and install Google Tasks.

If you are a Gmail user, try the new Gmail and then you will see a Google Tasks icon over on the right with Google Keep and Google Calendar. Click on Google Tasks and then you can work with Tasks right within Gmail. This integration is likely to be key to me moving from Wunderlist to Google Tasks over the coming weeks.

You can also access Google Task via a web browser and these tasks will be synced to your smartphone app through your Gmail account.

What else are you looking for in a task manager? How can Google improve this for your needs?

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