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Tonga has cable connection to outside world restored

Tonga’s two-week period without a working subsea cable to Fiji has ended. The cable had originally fallen over on January 20, and a second fault was subsequently found; however, RadioNZ reported on Saturday that the connection to the main island has been restored. On Friday afternoon, the Tongan government had ...

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5G: A transformation in progress

Analogue mobile phones first appeared in the early 1980s, and were used for voice calls only (imagine that!). Second-generation (2G) digital mobiles made their debut a decade later with GSM, offering text messaging (SMS) as the ‘killer application’ on top of voice services, becoming the dominant technology worldwide. A roughly ...

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Cisco discloses arbitrary execution in SD-WAN Solution and Webex

Cisco has disclosed a critical vulnerability in its SD-WAN Solution that allows for arbitrary code execution as the root user. Improper bounds checking by the vContainer allowed for potential authenticated attackers to send malicious files to an affected instance, which can cause a buffer overflow on the vContainer and create ...

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