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I wish I'd found this iPhone accessory years ago

One of the great things about owning an iPhone is that there just no end to the accessories available for it. Now, while I’m the first to admit that many are junk, some are so good and useful that they transform the way I use my iPhone. Despite buying an ...

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Apple adds support for encrypted DNS (DoH and DoT)

In a presentation at its developer conference this week, Apple announced that the upcoming versions of its iOS and macOS operating systems will support the ability to handle encrypted DNS communications. Apple said that iOS 14 and macOS 11, set to be released this fall, will support both the DNS-over-HTTPS ...

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New privacy and security features announced at Apple's WWDC 2020

Today, at the 2020 edition of its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced new privacy and security features for iOS and macOS users. Just like last year, this year’s theme has been on improving user privacy, with a special focus on the predatory online advertising industry. This year, Apple announced ...

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