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Do you make these mistakes with your iPhone or iPad?

Own a vintage iPad or iPhone? Update now or face fallout from GPS bug Changes to the way weeks are numbered by GPS receivers could cause problems for older iOS devices. The iPhone and iPad are probably two of the most ubiquitous, and most well-known consumer electronics devices in existence. ...

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Poor battery life after installing iOS 12.4? Try this

Should iOS be open to third-party apps? Karen Roby sits down with ZDNet’s Jason Perlow and Jason Cipriani to talk about the latest landmark decision from the Supreme Court regarding Apple. Read more: https://zd.net/2JC2Om4 Miserable battery life after installing a new iOS update is normal, and iOS 12.4 is likely ...

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Apple releases fourth developer preview of iOS 13, iPadOS

WWDC 2019: Finally, Apple frees the iPad and Watch from iPhone’s shadow Can the iPad now become a serious business tool? Are the iPad and Mac platforms headed toward unification? Will developers take the time to get it right? TechRepublic’s Karen Roby gets some answers from Jason Perlow and Jason ...

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Can Apple compete on privacy?

Apple CEO lambasts Silicon Valley for not owning up to privacy mistakes Time for tech companies to take responsibility for the digital privacy mess they’re created, says Apple chief. Read more: https://zd.net/31H1sfD Apple’s focus on design and details or the tight integration of its silicon, software, and services has ...

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