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Two hidden iOS features that people should use more

The other day I was watching someone using their iPhone — with their permission, I wasn’t just shoulder-surfing — and I found myself becoming frustrated. It’s not that they were doing anything wrong. In fact, they were using it exactly as Apple intended. They were scrolling and making gestures and ...

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Security researcher discloses Safari bug after Apple delays patch

Image: REDTEAM.PL A security researcher has published details today about a Safari browser bug that could be abused to leak or steal files from users’ devices. The bug was discovered by Pawel Wylecial, co-founder of Polish security firm REDTEAM.PL. Wylecial initially reported the bug to Apple earlier this spring, in ...

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Best iPad in 2020: Apple's tablet lineup continues to go unmatched

Apple’s iPad lineup is arguably something that’s unmatched by any other platform or device maker. The tablets all consistently turn top performance and have 10 hours of battery life, clear and crisp displays, and access to countless apps in the App Store.  And with Apple’s announcement of iPadOS last year, ...

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