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Apple prepares fix for crippling App Store bug


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Having problems downloading new or updated apps from the iOS App Store because you can’t dismiss the Terms & Conditions pop up? You’re not alone.

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The problem is a weird one. You try to download a new or updated app, get told you need to agree to new terms and conditions, go through that process only to have to do it again… and again… and again. The only way out of this was to hit cancel and not agree to the new terms and conditions, but that means not getting the app

It’s not just an annoying bug, but it also means that users can’t download app updates which may contain serious bug patches.

The good news is that Apple is working on a patch, and since it will be applied to the backend of the App Store, there’s nothing that the user will need to do (aside from remembering to download their apps again). If you’re affected by this bug, the best advice I have it keep trying, because Apple should hopefully have it fixed by the weekend.

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