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Apple Music is now available through your favorite browser



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Apple’s iPhone 11 keynote may not be until next week, but that’s not stopping the company from releasing a new product ahead of time. On Thursday, the company released a public beta version of Apple Music on the web, as reported by *TechCrunch*. It’s the first time that Apple Music has been officially available through a website.

Apple Music subscribers who want to use the beta service can visit beta.music.apple.com through your favorite web browser. When you visit the website you can sign in to your Apple account to access your Apple Music library.

Apple Music on the web includes most of the same features iOS and Mac users have access to, but Beats 1, the company’s live radio stream, seems to be missing right now.

Apple has slowly expanded the availability of Apple Music to more devices through an Apple Music Android app, Amazon Echo support, Sonos integration, and even Windows (via iTunes).

Expanding how and where a subscriber can access their music library keeps Apple Music competitive with the likes of Spotify. Additionally, by bringing Apple Music to the web, the company provides Linux and Chrome OS users with more options.

Do you plan on using Apple Music’s new website? Let us know in the comments below! 

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