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Announcing the TC Pitch-Off: Mobility startups


For the past two years, TechCrunch has brought together the best and brightest minds in mobility at our TechCrunch Sessions: Mobility event. This year, we are adding a little extra twist. On October 5, the day before Mobility 2020, TC is hosting a pitch-off — which only ticket holders can access — highlighting disruptive startups in the mobility space. Startups from all over the world applied, only 10 made the cut.

Founders will pitch on the virtual TC Stage for one minute, followed by an intense Q&A with our judges. After all 10 companies have pitched, the illustrious set of judges — Shahin Farshchi (Lux Capital), Natalia Quintero (Transit Tech Lab) and Rachel Holt (Construct Capital) — will select the top five companies that will go on to pitch at the main event on October 7 in front of investors, press and thousands of online viewers.

Check out the featured companies here:

BuuPass Kenya Limited
Le Car
Movel AI Pte Ltd
PreAct Technologies

To see the startups pitching on October 5, you can snag an exhibitor pass for just $25. It’ll get you access to the pitch-off, breakout sessions from ChargePoint and access to visit all of the early-stage mobility startups in the expo for all the days of TC Sessions: Mobility. But if you really want to take it to the next level, get an all-access General Admission ticket for $195 that gives you access to the main stage speakers, networking and a complementary Extra Crunch membership (worth $99). But you’ll need to grab your tickets before Monday, October 5th when prices increase!

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