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Safest cars for driving on snow and ice – These vehicles are best to tackle UK weather

There are a number of things or be aware of before setting off. 

These include

Some vehicles will be better equipped to tackle the snow and ice than others.

All-wheel/four-wheel drive cars are among the best to tackle the difficult road conditions as they offer more grip.  

Ground clearance is another factor that motorists in more remote areas of the country may want to consider and cars with dynamic chassis controls.

In collaboration with carwow here are some of the best cars to drive on snow and ice:

Suzuki Vitara

Top-spec Vitaras come with four-wheel drive. It’s also relatively inexpensive costing around £23,649 for an AWD variant. 

The range starts around £15,000 for the two-wheel drive variants which should be able to deal with most road conditions fine and will leave money for some winter tyres. 


VW T-Roc combines the small attractive design of the Golf hatchback with the practicality of an SUV. 



Volvo V90 Cross Country

The premium estate car comes with four-wheel drive and rigged body cladding, which should protect the bodywork and allow you to go a little off piste.

It also has higher ground clearance than its key rivals. Suspension in the CC is softer than on the standard V90, which should make it more comfortable over bumps.

Prices for the car start around £40,000.


Volvo XC60/Volvo XC90

Volvo cars are renowned for their safety and build quality. The XC60 scored the award for the safest car tested in 2017 by Euro NCAP.

Both cars come with all-wheel drive at certain trim levels and a whole host of driver assistance technology which will put the driver at ease. 

The SUVs will also brim you with confidence when behind the wheel and are not to mention well equipped and stylish.


Land Rover Discovery SportLAND ROVER

Land Rover Discovery Sport has some of the best off-road credentials

Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Land Rover Discovery Sport blends uncanny off-road ability with a refined, car-like driving experience on the road. This practical seven-seater is quiet and comfortable and even offers limited body roll and sharp handling for a car of its size.

It comes packed with all Land Rover’s best off-road know-how. Its Terrain Response system allows the driver to quickly adjust the traction, braking and stability control systems to cope with any road surface – perfect for changeable winter conditions.

Should all that snow suddenly melt, it’s reassuring to know the Discovery Sport can wade through up to 600mm of water.

Entry-level models will set you back more than £31,000.


Fiat Panda 4×4

It’s compact, rugged and costs around £15,000.

The Panda 4×4 has supermini dimensions but a more spacious cabin and impressive off-road abilities and standard equipment.

The onboard four-wheel drive system and overall lightweight nature of the car should keep you safe on the roads during the storms.


Peugeot 2008PEUGEOT

Peugeot 2008

Peugeot 2008

On paper it looks like a typical 4×4, but the rugged compact SUV comes with 2WD. In Allure and GT-Line trims the SUV gets a traction control system with a number of modes tuned to different road conditions – mud, snow, etc.

It won’t be perfect for you if you want to drive up mountains but it will keep you safe and comfortable in the more testing road conditions.

The entry-level 1.2-litre engine with Allure trim will set you back around £17,845.


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Its electric motors help meter out its power more precisely than a traditional petrol or diesel engine, helping to reduce wheelspin on even the most slippery surfaces.

In addition to being a confident off-roader the PHEV offers excellent fuel economy. Not only can it return 148mpg in official tests but it’s happy to potter about in pure electric mode for as far as 32 miles.


Nissan Qashqai

It’s one of the most popular SUVs across Europe and offers a range of options for drivers.

Prices for the car start around £18,545 and all cars come with Bluetooth connectivity, LED daytime running lights, a stop/start system – to help save fuel – and hill start assist as standard.

Four-wheel drive is optional and it’s top Euro NCAP safety rating, high driving position and excellent reliability will keep you reassured while on the roads in any weather conditions.


Tesla Model X

Tesla’s advanced all wheel drive system will put drivers completely at ease when on the roads. Variable air suspension will also ensure the car has enough ground clearance to get above the snow. 

It may struggle in the deeper snow given its weight but the AWD will help ensure there is grip at all times. 

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