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Magic Leap opens up its ‘Creator Portal’ with SDK and design guidelines for devs

After maintaining a quiet presence for quite a while, Magic Leap is finally feeling a bit more chatty, at least when it comes to what they’re sharing with developers.

As the Game Developers Conference kicks off in San Francisco this week, Magic Leap is opening up their “Creator Portal” to developers sharing their SDK, tutorials, design guidelines and forums.

After agreeing to a quick little arbitration clause you can dive into see more about what can be done on the Magic Leap One.

What Magic Leap is trying to do is still very much a new concept for game and app design in general so a decent amount of space is put into walking through basic design guidelines that it sees as useful for spatial computing. The company breaks down the basics as well as audio and animation tips, the stuff there isn’t too technical, it’s more about making sure people are going into the design process realizing that this isn’t just a mobile app in front of your eyes.

The Lumin SDK is designed for Magic Leap’s operating system Lumin OS which we’re now learning is a custome OS built from open source and Linux-based components. Developers building in Unity and Unreal will have access to build for Lumin OS.

It appears as though the company’s App Store will be called Magic Leap World, there’s not a ton to go off of, but the site says that using it, developer can “create and manage your development team, then give them access to all of the tools they need to successfully share your creations with the world.”

On the guidelines front, it appears the company will be giving developers access to tutorials that provide more details on how to get going with building for the hardware. Right now, there is only a tutorial showcasing details on setting up the positionally tracked Controller.

There isn’t anything super mind-blowing here that I’ve seen yet, but I’ll be continuing to scour just to be sure.

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