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Google’s managed database service to support Microsoft SQL Server

It’s not every day that you read a headline with both Google and Microsoft. Google is announcing today that its managed database service Cloud SQL will soon support Microsoft SQL Server. The company showed a sneak preview at its Google Cloud Next conference.

The message is clear — if your company uses Microsoft SQL Server database, you don’t have to use Microsoft Azure. Your database will work just fine on Google’s Cloud SQL.

Google already supported Microsoft SQL Server in traditional virtual machines — so you had to manage it yourself. If you have a license and you want Google to manage your database for you, Cloud SQL will be able to do it. No backup, no manual replication, no patch, etc.

Many enterprise customers still rely heavily on a traditional on-prem server infrastructure. Google is trying to remove all the obstacles you could find when moving to the cloud.

In other Cloud SQL news, customers who use PostgreSQL can now use version 11 of PostgreSQL. Amazon RDS also supports version 11.

Finally, Google’s managed NoSQL database service Cloud Bigtable now supports multi-region replication. That feature was already available in beta. You can now safely read and write your NoSQL data from multiple regions at the same time.

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