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‘Corrupt MOT test centre’ WARNING – Drivers cold be at risk from rogue test centres

MOT test

New data warns drivers that there are a number of dodgy test centres across the UK (Image: GETTY)

Earlier this year the in the UK, which will affect every motorist in the UK.

Three new fault categories were introduced – Minor, Major and Dangerous – which categorises the severity of an issue or fault with the car.

Drivers that land a Major or Dangerous fault will, however, receive an instant failure and will need to get the car repaired or face a fine.

car owners also facer stricter testing to make it harder for them to pass.

Among the other changes are, if any visible warning light appears on the dash then the driver will fail the test and brake testing will become more stringent.

However, there is one unforeseeable thing that could affect motorists which is out of their control.

There is at least one corrupt MOT test centre in each city across the UK, reveals new research. 

Data from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has revealed that 98 MOT testers across 69 different cities in the UK were banned over their procedures. 

In addition to this, a further 353 testing centres have also been warned about their conduct since 2016, reports the Bristol Post.

MOT test

Drivers are advised to not try and tell the mechanic on how to do their job (Image: GETTY)

Despite this number being lower than it was just two years ago, it could still mean that there are cars on the road that are unsafe.

Motorists that used these services may also be completely unaware of the crooked nature of the test centres, which could lead to future problems.

A spokesman for Scrapcarcomparison.co.uk: “Anyone attempting to defraud the MOT isn’t just committing fraud, they’re also putting the public at risk by allowing what could be an unsafe car onto the road,” they said.

“Although most garage owners and MOT testers follow the rules, there are still those who try to cheat the system.”

Drivers have now been offered some advice by the comparison site to help them ensure that they know they’re dealing a legitimate mechanic or garage.

What not to do at the garage

1. Take your car in at 4.59pm

Taking a car into the garage late will not be favourable with the tester and puts pressure on them to get the work done at the end of a long day.

2. Argue on price

Arguing on price really riles up a mechanic since most of them are very trustworthy, honest people, however drivers will due to their reputation. If you really think you’re getting ripped off, just say “Thanks, but no thanks”.

3. Call 100 times a day

Let them get on with the work when it’s done it’s done.

4. Touch their tools

This is likely to irritate the mechanic and could be distracting.

Diesel particulate filter

Tests on diesel cars also became stricter (Image: GETTY)

5. Stand next to a mechanic when he’s under the bonnet

It could not only be annoying or distracting for you to wander around the garage but could also pose a number of safety risks.

6. Tell a mechanic what’s wrong with your car thanks to Google

Telling a mechanic what is wrong with your car after reading it on the internet is one of the most frustrating things you can do to a technician.

7. Tell a mechanic what to do

Much like the point above, it’s frustrating and disrespectful.

8. Work on your own car

Unless it’s something that you absolutely know how to do, don’t try to work on your own car. Maybe this doesn’t really frustrate mechanics, but it can definitely make the job more difficult and could cost you more money than you realise.

9. Tell your mechanic your normal garage do this, that or the other

Let the mechanic do their job as it won’t be helpful to tell them what a different firm did. Try and establish a good relationship with the company.

10. Get irate if there is a delay

Understand that delays happen and just try and be patient.

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