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Next-generation 802.11ax wi-fi: Dense, fast, delayed

The 21-year-old IEEE 802.11 wireless network family of standards, more widely known as ‘wi-fi’, has a new member: 802.11ax. In its two decades, wi-fi has gone from a curiosity to a major social force, having brought easy, fast, cheap internet access to home, office and public spaces. Each new version ...

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Verizon pushes LTE to 1.45Gbps speeds

(Image: Verizon) Verizon has announced working with Nokia and Qualcomm to push its live commercial 4G LTE network in New York to speeds of 1.45Gbps by aggregating six channels of spectrum. According to Verizon VP of Technology Planning and Development Bill Stone, the carrier is continuing to upgrade its LTE ...

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AT&T unveils 5G Innovation Zone with Samsung

(Image: AT&T) AT&T has announced the launch of a 5G Innovation Zone in partnership with Samsung, where it said it will trial and develop manufacturing-focused technology aimed at enabling smart factories. The innovation centre will be located inside Samsung’s semiconductor fabrication facility in Austin, Texas, and will be hooked up ...

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Researchers turn to sound to speed up photonic chips

Amol Choudhary and Ben Eggleton stand in a lab in the Sydney Nano Hub. (Image: Louise M Cooper/University of Sydney) A team from the University of Sydney, Monash Univeristy, and Australian National University has developed a carrier recovery technique that makes use of sound within photonic chips. “Our technique uses ...

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US ISP RCN stores customer passwords in cleartext

RCN, one of the largest internet and cable service providers in the US, admitted today on Twitter that it stores users’ passwords in cleartext, passwords to which its customer support employees have access at any time during technical support requests. An RCN spokesperson said that “[customer support] agents need to ...

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Spark lights up Cat M1 IoT network

New Zealand’s incumbent telecommunications provider Spark switched on its LTE Cat M1 network across its 4G network on Monday. The telco said the network is running in its 700 and 1800MHz bands, and would be deployed across the rest of the country in the next six months to eventually cover ...

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