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Security: Europe's pushback against Chinese tech has only just begun

Hacking scheme to steal university research for military applications traced back to China Prominent names feature on the hacking list. Amid growing international suspicion about China’s tech companies, a new report suggests the Chinese government could be behind the theft of corporate secrets from chip-making equipment business ASML.  According to ...

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OpenStack Stein: A new cool drink of open-source cloud

The future of cloud-based services Jason McGee, IBM fellow, VP and CTO, IBM cloud platform, talks about how IBM continues to grow within the open-source community. While OpenStack is concerned with more than just Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud these days, it’s still primarily an open-source cloud open-source consortium. In its latest ...

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Can the internet be saved?

Net Neutrality: What is it and why should you care? In the effort to maintain an open internet, some think we need more government intervention while others trust the free market to keep the big telecoms in check. The good news is that the House of Representatives passed the Save ...

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