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I'm a 50 year old PLC programmer from Burnley, UK. I severed my time as an electrician in the baking industry and soon got involved with the up and coming technology of PLC's. Initially this was all based in the Uk but as the years went by I have gradually worked my way around the globe. At first it was mainly Mitsubishi with a bit of Modicon thrown in but these days the industry leaders seem to be the Allen Bradley range of PLC and HMI’s.

Diesel cars may have just been saved by an innovative new tech

Diesel cars have been condemned since the revelation that they create a lot of noxious emissions.  British drivers were encouraged to buy diesel cars in 2001 as they were thought to be more efficient and they, typically, emit less CO2 emissions.  Noxious emissions, however, can cause heart disease, strokes and ...

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Fear the Reaper? Experts reassess the botnet's size and firepower

(Image: file photo) Over the past week, security research teams have walked back claims of what they thought was one of the largest botnets of infected devices on the internet today. The botnet, dubbed “Reaper” by researchers at Netlab 360, had ensnared vulnerable internet-connected webcams, security cameras, and digital video ...

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iOS 11.0.1 update causes havoc for some iPhone and iPad users

(Image: Jason Parker/CNET) It seems that no matter how many people participate in Apple’s beta program, the rollout of a new release seems to bring with it endless woes for some users. Must read : Here are the Apple products you shouldn’t buy (and three that you can’t buy anymore) ...

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iPhone X Australian pricing

Apple and Australia’s three biggest telecommunications providers — Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone Australia — have unveiled their iPhone X pricing alongside pre-orders from October 27 ahead of launch on November 3. Purchasing the iPhone X outright from Apple will set Australians back AU$1,579 for the 64GB model or AU$1,829 for ...

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iOS 11 battery life is terrible

Video: Battery drain issues with iOS 11? Here’s some easy fixes Are you finding that your iPhone’s battery life isn’t anywhere near as good as it was with iOS 10? You’re not alone. Must read: Here are the Apple products you shouldn’t buy (and three that you can’t buy anymore) ...

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